Personalized Wellness Guidance

Finding what makes you feel vital is our primary focus. By asking and addressing thought-provoking questions with the initial comprehensive holistic intake, we will get to the heart of where we need to put our efforts. As partners, we will develop short- and long-term strategies that are achievable and enjoyable. Satifaction is an essential component of gaining vitality. Maintenance sessions will be determined along the journey.

Customized Herbal Formulations

Nature has provided us with abundant resources to bolster our vitality and regain whole health when we falter. With an experienced master herbalist, you can eliminate feelings of information overload. By seeing you as a unique individual, we can formulate herbs and other natural therapies that are right for your constitution.


Fertility and Pregnancy Support

The childbearing year is nothing short of astonishing. The process of achieving and maintaining a healthy pregnancy is meant to be a time of radiance for a woman and her family. By rejecting fear and choosing knowledge and action as driving forces, a woman can have one of the richest experiences in her life during her childbearing year. Learn simple, practical and natural ways to support fertility and healthy baby-building.

3 Hour Vitality Now Cleanse

This is the ideal package to jump-start a healthy lifestyle journey. It is equal parts relaxing, invigorating and healing. It's a great experience for anyone in need of a some extra TLC and vitality.

This service includes:

-Full Body Reflexology with Cupping

-Dry Skin-brushing

-Infrared Sauna Wrap and Hydrotherapy

-Castor oil viscera pack

-Superfood face treatment

-Essential oil lymphatic detoxification

-Herbal tinctures, teas and fresh juice

-A self-care gift bag to take home and continue on the healing journey


-Clean Eating Meal Instruction

-Detox with Juice, Herbs and Oils

-Natural Alternatives to Antibiotics

-Keys to a Natural Pregnancy and Birth

Body Reflexology
Reflexology is a therapeutic modality used to help stimulate the body's natural proclivity for restoration. A specific pressure is applied to certain areas of the body, most notably, the feet, hands, face, and ears to assist in the holistic process. Other natural modalities such as use of essential oils, heat, vibration therapy and stretching may accompany each session. At the very least, a sense of mindful calm and bodily rejuvenation are sure to follow this 90-minute treatment. Make the changes that you would like to see mirrored by the rest of the world. Authentic transformation starts with self-care, and one of the ultimate ways to experience this is with high-quality body reflexology. 


"Elisa is a knowledgeable, thorough and caring reflexologist and herbalist... a warm and kind healer."

                                          -Dean V. (Boston, Ma)


"Exceptional in every way. I have enjoyed many bodywork therapies from a variety of lovely people. My experience with Elisa was deeply grounding, comforting and energizing all at the same time. This is one of those times when 5 stars is not enough to describe my appreciation."

                    -Carol W. (Newton, Ma)


2 Hour Initial Consultation  $200 

  • Initial comprehensive evaluation

  • Reflexology and holistic body therapies

  • Vital course of action 

  • Herbal recommendations as appropriate

  • Educational materials


90 Minute Return Visit  $150 

  •  Maintenance evaluation

  •  Reflexology and holistic body therapies 

  •  Further recommendations as appropriate


3 Hour Vitality Now Cleanse $320

(details above)


Package Pricing

Buy a package of 6 sessions, and the 7th session is complimentary.

Or, buy a package of 9 sessions, and the 10th session is a complimentary 3 hour Vitality Now Cleanse.

*Note... I operate on a needs-based sliding scale. Please let me know how I can make your care possible as health insurance does not cover any of my services at this time.

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